Opal Mann Green Engagement Award

Opal Hurley Mann GreenEach year this annual recognition is awarded to a team (or teams) of individuals whose significant contributions and accomplishments have demonstrated excellence as engaged scholars who practice collaborative democratic strategies reflected in the Kellogg Commission Seven Part Test.  The seven characteristics include responsiveness, respect for partners, academic neutrality, accessibility, integration, coordination, and resource partnerships.

Eligible teams can include community partners, staff, volunteers, and faculty of NC State University colleges and its extension, engagement, and economic development units.

The characteristics listed below should be woven into a continuous narrative that describes the success of the engagement program.  Tell the story of your engagement program success keeping these characteristics in mind.

Engagement.  Describe how the team of primary leaders implemented the Kellogg Commission Engagement Seven-Part Test in planning, implementation, and continuous improvement of the program.

Empowerment and Teamwork.  Describe how you implemented (democratic) strategies that empowered team members, created inclusion, recognized contributions of partners, and negotiated democratically to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.  Describe how resource partnerships developed to support program sustainability and effectively address the issue or problem until resolved.

Outcomes and Impact.  Describe accomplishments that were beneficial, valued by the community, and that informed engagement academically (scholarly articles, presentations, and poster sessions).

The completed application in Word (.doc or .docx) must be emailed by midnight on the third Friday of October annually to omgesaward@gmail.com. The applications review process will begin in October. Winners will be notified by early March, and invited to attend the “Celebrating the Engaged University Awards Ceremony” to receive the award.

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