Vice Provost Alice Warren’s Impact On NC State Community

In the first few moments of meeting Alice Warren, NC State’s Vice Provost for Continuing Education, you learn her pride in NC State University is no secret. Shades of red and white line the walls of her office and there is a sense of Wolfpack spirit throughout the room.

Ms. Warren is yet another member of the NC State Community who works diligently behind the scenes. During her nearly 40 year career, the University has helped her transform into the strong leader and valued community member she is today.

Since Warren joined NC State, her time has been filled with an abundance of opportunity. She began her first position in McKimmon with predominately male co-workers and female secretaries. “I embraced the challenge and saw it as fun,” said Warren.

Her initial job, which Warren held for 12 years, consisted of managing 50 non-credit programs and planning half-day to 5-day-long conferences. She then went on to serve as the Continuing Education Specialist, Assistant Director, and Interim Head.

In many ways Ms. Warren was a woman striving to make it in a man’s world, and today she has made it. Not only does she oversee a huge division, but her impact has been widespread and will last for generations to come.


Memorable Recognitions:
Ms. Warren has received a number of recognitions during her time at NC State. Alice was recently recognized at the Office of Outreach and Engagement Awards celebration this past April for her years of hard work and dedication to improving the NC State community. She served as Interim Vice Provost for the Office of Outreach and Engagement from 2016-2017 and has helped guide the office’s transition over the past year. 

Ms. Warren also served as the president of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) and received the Walton S. Bittner Service Citation for Outstanding Service in UPCEA.


Lessons Learned:
Alice can remember the early moments she spent on NC State’s campus, first as a graduate student and then when she began her professional career. These moments taught her many life lessons, which she values greatly today.

“Be respectful to colleagues for what they can bring from their specific department,” said Warren. “Always invite more to the table, and let them decide if they want to be included or deny the opportunity.” This lesson is iconic to Ms. Warren’s character and makes her admired by peers for the ability to bring people together.

“Each day my steps have been intentional, purposeful, so I worked hard and smart and paid my dues each step,” said Warren. “I wanted to be the best ambassador for what our office offers.”


After completing undergrad at Peace University and Campbell University, Warren attended one year of graduate school at NC State. Although she understands not everyone desires a four-year degree, Warren said, “Go as high as you can possibly go because it impacts the quality of life you can have.”


Alice has been a key individual in aiding NC State faculty, students and the community in their efforts to Think and Do the Extraordinary. Her presence throughout the past four decades have enabled the NC State community to benefit from her hard work and unparalleled wisdom.

“I don’t regret spending my entire career here at NC State,” said Warren. “Why wouldn’t you want to be at NC State? There’s so much innovation occurring.”