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Natural Resources Leadership Institute

The Natural Resources Leadership Institute (NRLI), is a multifaceted Institute providing 1) leadership development, 2) environmental decision-making and multiparty facilitation, 3) research, and 4) needs based training. Hundreds of natural resource professionals in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors have participated in the leadership development program, building leadership skills and knowledge in conflict resolution, multiparty… Read More

NC State Executive Education

NC State Executive Education delivers developmental experiences with a specific goal in mind: to provide leaders with research and learning activities that drive organizational solutions. Our team at Poole College focuses on the challenges faced in a dynamic, technology driven, global marketplace. We create purposeful experiences by partnering with leading research centers in innovation, leadership,… Read More

Conceiving Your Business

In this short, but comprehensive program, you analyze your business idea to determine whether or not it can be a very profitable and satisfying business that you should pursue. In four comprehensive sessions you: Define your business products and services; assess how your personal strengths match the business requirements; identify your real market; develop a… Read More

Institute for Nonprofits

The Institute for Nonprofit Research, Education and Engagement is a multidisciplinary center devoted to strengthening the capacity of nonprofit organizations and nonprofit leadership through research, education and engagement. We focus on North Carolina and beyond as a laboratory for research. We are a center of expertise, a host of a collaborative community of scholars and… Read More

Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE)

The Institute for Transportation Research and Education’s (ITRE) Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) conducts innovative research, education, and technology transfer activities that seek to mitigate the impacts of surface transportation on the environment. Established in 1991 under the US Department of Transportation’s University Transportation Centers Program, CTE is administered by ITRE and funded in part… Read More

NextGen Air Transportation (NGAT) Center

NextGen Air Transportation (NGAT) Center at the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) at North Carolina State University is a non-profit partnership with academia, industry, and the government focused on developing and evaluating improvements to existing and anticipated air traffic control, airspace management, airport and airspace system capacity, surface traffic management, and flight safety.

Performance Excellence Program — Baldrige

Thousands of organizations use the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria for Performance Excellence to guide their enterprises, improve performance and get sustainable results. The Baldrige approach helps organizations effectively and efficiently accomplish their missions and achieve their visions. The Baldrige journey can apply to commercial enterprises, non-profits, and government offices, and has a proven… Read More


ExporTech is a “how-to” program that will help your small- or medium-sized company enter or expand into global markets. Developed by the US Department of Commerce for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership, ExporTech helps develop an international growth plan customized specifically for your business. Utilizing a team of exporting experts, ExporTech will help your company move… Read More

Hazardous Materials & Hazardous Waste Management

NC State Industry Expansion Solutions offers multiple training classes and on-site assistance programs in: – Hazardous Waste Management as regulated by EPA under 40 CFR 260-279 – Hazardous Material Management as regulated under DOT (49 CFR) – Hazardous Chemicals as regulated under 29 CFR by OSHA, including Hazard Communication, Industrial Hygiene, and other related topics… Read More

Lean Six Sigma

This proven combination of process efficiency enhancements and deep statistical understanding of process capabilities enables any production environment to operate more smoothly, fare better against competitors, improve product quality and process performance, and increase customer satisfaction. Lean Six Sigma training offers engineers, technically-oriented managers, and analysts the tools to make processes nearly defect-free.

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