Community Engaged Learning Institute

Service-learning is a teaching pedagogy that brings NC State’s mission to the classroom.  As a form of ‘Engaged Learning’, service-learning is shown to strengthen student academic learning, increase multiple dimensions of  personal development, strengthen career preparation, and deepen civic engagement. 

Faculty at NC State who use service-learning report great satisfaction in the energy and enlightenment that comes to the teaching-learning experience of their classes.

The Office of Outreach & Engagement is investing in expanding the number of service-learning faculty and courses at NC State and invite applications for the new Community Engaged Learning Institute.

The Community Engaged Learning Institute will:

  • Share a day of training during a community engaged learning institute on August 13, 2019;
  •  Be part of a faculty cohort with an experienced faculty mentor throughout 2019-20 as they work on plans for a course (existing or new) designed to implement service-learning;
  • Be matched with a trained service-learning student teaching assistant; and
  • Implement a course incorporating service-learning between January and December 2020. 

2019-2020 Cohort:

  • Megan Lupek
  • John Begeny
  • Fredessa Hamilton
  • K.C. Busch
  • Stacy Bluth
  • Maru Gonzalez
  • Natalie Cooke
  • Chandler Marr
  • Crystal Chen Lee
  • Stephanie Jeffries
  • Nina Schoonover
  • Angela Wiseman
  • Qiana Cryer-Coupet
  • Lori Snyder
  • Marc Grimmett
  • Tianna Harrison

Please contact Janice Odom, O&E Faculty Fellow, with any questions.