Strengthening the Impact of Research (STIR) Program

STIR is not currently an active program

2021 Impact Scholars Zoom Workshop

“The best experience in the program for me was the exposure to other people’s ideas about Broader Impact and their plans for incorporating it into their research.”

” This is probably one of the best developmental programs I’ve participated in – maybe ever. The value I received from the workshops, the guest speakers, the feedback – all amazing. I have a much better idea about how to weave all of the bits of my career (and interests and passion) together!”

What is STIR?

The Strengthening the Impact of Research (STIR) program seeks to enhance NC State’s capacity to design and conduct research with broad impacts on society by creating and supporting yearly cohorts of NC State Impact Scholars.

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“Being able to talk with others who are actively doing broader impact work is very helpful. It not only broadens my perspective on what is broader impacts by learning about others’ work, it also pushed me to think more broadly of how I can engage with others and rethink about broader impact.”

“I loved meeting colleagues all across the campus. The organizers were fabulous. Very knowledgeable and compassionate.”


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