Privette’s commitment to motivate students

Josh Privette is NC State’s Coordinator of Student and Young Alumni Programs, a position which exemplifies his passion for bettering the lives of NC State students.

Privette graduated from NC State with a B.A. in Political Science and Government, and originally planned to pursue a pre-law track with no intentions of coming into higher education. After deciding law was not his desired career path, Privette interned with the Alumni Center and basically never left.

His experience as an intern for the Student Alumni Association (SAA) and involvement with the Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program (AASAP) ultimately motivated Privette to desire a career with NC State’s Alumni Center.

During his time at NC State, Privette has been recognized with a number of awards for his dedication to the university, its alumni and students. However, when asked which award he was most proud to receive, Privette responded that awards are not his motivation, but working with students is his greatest reward.

“If I had to decide, my favorite award we’ve won – and it is a we – is the Outstanding Organization Award,” said Privette. “This award was a culmination of everyone in AASAP working together – that’s not because of me or one individual, it’s because of everyone.”

In just a few minutes of talking with him, his passion for NC State and dedication to its students is clear. Although Privette splits his time between Young Alumni and Students, his immediate focus is on bettering the lives of the students he encounters.

“He has made a huge impact, not only on NC State, but on every student he encounters and I know he has made an impact on my life that I will always be thankful for and never forget,” said Ashtyn Coates, former President and Ambassador of AASAP.

“The greatest opportunity I have is to shape your experience as a student while here on campus,” said Privette. “I had the best possible experience as a student because of an advisor who cared about me and wanted to mold me and make me an important student to society. I want to make students the best citizens they can be when they leave this campus.”

“Josh mentors and advises students with passion, professionalism, and a genuine care that many advisors do not possess,” said Coates. “Being mentored by Josh truly shaped who I am today and who I will grow to be.”

It may not be in his job description, but Privette is clearly dedicated to inspiring students to fulfill their potential and these efforts have not been wasted.

“Josh has been one of the most, if not the most, influential person I encountered during my college career,” said Coates. “Through his mentorship, I gained more knowledge about myself, my abilities, and the world around me than I ever thought possible.”

“My immediate focus is on the [SAA and AASAP] Ambassadors and how they make the office a better place,” said Privette. “They carry the torch from the alumni office out into the world.”